United Thought: “The Synergy of Philosophy, Information & Technology”, Interview with Luciano Floridi


kialuciano-0119The rich and invaluable history of philosophy has shaped this world with concepts and refined ways of thinking about ourselves, others, the natural world and beyond. This influence surpasses any practical means of enumeration. We – from the layperson to the academic – could list many premier philosophical minds from antiquity on up to present times, albeit with varied estimations of this or that individual’s (or school of thought’s) importance.

More recently, with the advent of the Information Age, there has been a fundamental shift in how we perceive and interface with information. Technological sophistication, propelled by constantly new innovations indebted to science, has led to the interdisciplinary growth of the Philosophy of Information.

There is one philosophical mind that is among the more distinguished,… Continue reading

To Conspiracy or Not to Conspiracy: On Dr. King’s Assassination & the Cosby Allegations


Yesterday, due to me stating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder was state-sanctioned, I was labeled by a fellow skeptic as a conspiracy theorist. Specifically, I said:

When you selectively quote Dr. King because pieces of what he said jives with your propositional attitudes, while ignoring the fact that his state-sanctioned murder was due to his Black Lives Matter crusade…”

Martin Luther King, Jr. 01As mentioned in a previous article, I consider myself a skeptic and define it as “an individual who tends to question or inquires after things asserted or taken for granted”. It isn’t about who volleyed this accusation at me – as I’m dubious of quite a few of this individual’s beliefs swaddled in ultracrepidarianism [1][2] – but… Continue reading

My Thoughts On The Kid Who Lied About Dying & Going to “I Wish World” (or “Heaven”)


1421432125_book-cover-467Alex Malarkey lied. Malarkey – whose surname was and will forever remain (especially now) associated with its ironic, common meaning of “bunk, nonsense or hogwash” – recently stated,I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention.

Maturity and devoutness to his faith led him to reveal what wasn’t at all shocking to anyone not hindered by the near-sightedness of religious conviction that uncritically accepts such confirmation bias and special pleading without blinking.

Malarkey went on to make a self-refuting statement, saying: “The Bible is the only source of truth. Anything written by man cannot be infallible.” Read that first sentence again…then consider the implications of what directly follows.


So, being too tickled… Continue reading

When Will Black Women Matter?


This guest blog piece was authored by secular womanist Emelyne Museaux.


JavierSoriano.com-Millions-March-NYC4044The recent socio-political climate in the United States has shown us a seemingly endless assault on Black bodies by those whose profession it is to uphold the law, to serve and protect.

We have seen a flagrant disregard, a modern-day lynching of Black lives which often precedes a post-mortem public character assassination via countless news outlets. With the loss of each Black man and young boy – whose character was demonized, whose every action preceding death scrutinized – the majority of the Black community fought back.

Be it through boycott, through journalism, through rallies and protests, or even by simply speaking their non-compliance to this social slander of Black people, of our dehumanization,… Continue reading

Squashing Patriarchy – Lessons On What Not To Do From Mayberry


!FFmJYONmFBRflSoR5,!~~60_35I’m not particularly fond of The Andy Griffith Show. That said, I’ve seen several episodes, as I’m quite partial to many “classic” shows from that era. Tonight, by pure happenstance, I came across a doozy of an episode.

First, a brief (and purposely stunted) overview:

In “Opie’s Girlfriend” (Season 7, Episode 1, aired 9/12/1966), the story centers on Cynthia, niece of Helen Crump (Sheriff Andy Taylor’s love interest), and her interactions with Opie. More specifically, what was highlighted was Cynthia’s athletic superiority over Opie at every conceivable turn.

An embarrassed and displeased Opie doesn’t know how to handle not faring well against his female counterpart. His inability to properly face these feelings of inadequacy culminates with him being dishonest during a game and… Continue reading

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