kaleidoscope_free_hd_wallpaper_by_luisbc-d74abb0 My Faith, My Rapid Conversion, and the Eukaryote (8/4/2015) by Scott de Long - By Joanna McLaughlin Of all the many ways that the papacy has confused me, none confused me more than its recent embrace of evolution. I am not a Roman Catholic. At the time of this adventure, I fit quite squarely into one of the most conservative of the Protestant denominations. But when the Catholic Church […]

sagan-286478 The Spiritual Atheist (7/12/2015) by Scott de Long - “I’m not religious but I AM spiritual.” Does anyone else find this as annoying, specious, and not to mention dead wrong, as I do? Most Christians I know have a problem with the word “religion.” It does not mean what many think it does. It is a rare Christ worshiper indeed who, shortly after broaching […]