tree2 Word of the Week: Apathy (5/16/2015) by Rupert Franklin - How do you know when you’re happy? What makes you truly happy? … Is there a point when you “arrive at your GPS destination of glitter and gold,” or is the cognition process just an endless journey until we pass away? When it gets right down to it, what do you need or want to make you happy? To […]

secparent Secular Parenting—Parenting for the 21st Century! (5/6/2015) by BeAsia - There’s one thing we all share as parents raising children in today’s chaotic world—and it’s not faith. We all share that seemingly insurmountable goal: giving our kids everything they need to be ready for adulthood. That means a good school, strong morals, and so much more. This is where the power of secular parenting begins; […]