What Women Do Daily in Patriarchal Societies

This guest blog piece was authored by secular womanist Emelyne Museaux.

journal-article-4Often, while in flagrant denial of male privilege, there are those who will claim that women are simply whining to get attention, that their problems are either exaggerated, inconsequential, or completely fictitious. The following are some of many ways that women are marginalized or learn to diminish themselves in a patriarchal society. Women and girls:

1. Accept from childhood compliments on their beauty alone while brothers and male peers are told how smart, strong, fast, and creative they are. Girls learn before adolescence to play dumb in order to attack a boy, because smart and/or “bossy” girls and women intimidate their male counterparts.

2. Get sold into marriage, with their birth families… Continue reading

A Heathen Goes To A Protest


justiceforallmarch I am wrong for continuously saying to myself, “This is the year 2014!“, as if appealing to this statement of fact alone lends itself to more credence than its literal sense. I am wrong to expect certain cultural and perspective developments to live up to my ideas of an advancing egalitarian society.

I am wrong because here I am, on my way to protest, still railing against disparities assumed (by the ignorant) to be long settled.

We are fifty plus years removed from the Civil Rights Movement era – and the 1963 march on Washington D.C. that saw Dr. King deliver his renowned “I Have A Dream” speech – but, though this is the case, the mere passage of time doesn’t… Continue reading

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