Is It Ethical To Still Watch The Cosby Show?


bill-cosby-480x360This past Saturday night Bill Cosby performed in Augusta, Georgia to a crowd that greatly appreciated his comedic flare as he dished on marriage, aging, religion and family. Luckily, Cosby avoided any tasteless digressions like the recent incident where he made a rape joke, clearly referencing the bevy of sexual assault allegations against him.

The answer to this article’s subject rests upon your level of wariness of Cosby’s involvement in the accusations. If you’re not sold on the statements of the thirty-plus women who allege wrongdoing, then you likely consider the question concerning ethics preposterous.

If you’re one who thinks at least a portion of the claims possibly have merit, you still may not see a point in seriously deliberating about watching the trailblazing… Continue reading

Thin Privilege & Fat Oppression


This guest blog piece was authored by feminist blogger Mindi Ferguson.


Image taken from “the daily hiit”

I am a female-identified person who weighs 350 pounds. I am fat, really fat some might say. Why, just last month, someone on twitter said they could see me from outer space! Imagine that!

I like myself just fine, and I respect, appreciate, and love my body. It has taken me a long time to be able to say that in a world that would prefer that I didn’t exist.

I do not have to justify my right to exist in my fat body. At least, I should not have to. I’m expected to hate myself, to hide my body, to dress it in “flattering” or frumpy clothing,… Continue reading

Why I – A Black Man – Am Against Black History Month


Yes, the title is a deliberate attention-grabber. It isn’t so much that I’m against Black History Month, though I do frown upon its constrained nature. It’s more about desiring far more when it comes to its integral manifestation within the school system.

Once upon a time, Blacks protested and fought ardently for widespread recognition of Black achievements and African diaspora, including within the school curriculum. We were eventually awarded the “Negro History Week” in 1926. 50 years later, after pushing and striving for more appreciation beyond the diminutive portion allotted to us previously, the week was expanded to a “Black History Month”.

Here we are almost 40 years and, for whatever reason, it appears people – including many within the Black community –… Continue reading

Unified Thought: “Philosophical Ruminations”, Interview with Evan Thompson


*Due to length, I’ll forgo my typical “opening” and go straight into the Q&A.

SINCERE KIRABO: Your main interest is the philosophy of mind. What do you believe is the nature of and relation between the mental and physical?

cropped-cropped-Evan-Thompson11EVAN THOMPSON: That’s a big question, so I’ll need to answer it in stages.In my view, we can’t properly speak of the “mental” unless we’re talking about a being or system that has a certain kind of “autonomy,” by which I mean the capacity to generate and maintain itself as a unity, and thereby also realize (instantiate and grasp) relevance or meaning. The key point is that the system constantly has to enact its own identity and thereby also enact or bring forth what is… Continue reading

If We Divide, We Don’t Conquer: 3 Reasons Why Feminists Need to Talk About Race


Originally published on Everyday Feminism and re-published here with their permission.

Only-Black-Person-Bold-ItalicWe’re in the middle of a revolution for racial justice.Across the nation and around the world, social media accounts and city streets are swelling to stress that #BlackLivesMatter in the face of excessive and lethal police violence against black men.The movement to end police brutality has become one of our country’s longest-lasting trending topics and one of its most important ongoing conversations. For the first time in a long time, we as Americans are engaged in a consistent and invaluable dialogue about racism, authority, and oppression in this country.Feminists should be provoking, participating in, leading, and expanding that conversation — even within our own communities focused primarily on issues of gender… Continue reading
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