11103888_828416827242952_923555088_n Pascal’s Wager: Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose? (4/17/2015) by Scott de Long - Over the years I have heard many variations of the following basic theme: “Why not just believe in god? That way you have nothing to lose but if you are correct you gain eternal life.” They are citing, many of them unknowingly, Pascal’s Wager. It is a favorite argument of theists, especially in Christian apologetics, […]

Moses_Pleading_with_Israel_(crop) Radicalizing Moses and Rediscovering the Meaning of Passover (4/16/2015) by Jonathan Steinklein - Recently, my mother persuaded me to go to her friend’s house for their family seder. I had not been to a seder in a long time but I decided to go because I realistically had nothing better to do, so why not? We went through the seder rituals at this person’s house but I was […]