Speaking out and listening: The complexities of male feminism


male-feminismThis guest column is written by Matthew Facciani, Psychological Statistics instructor at the University of South Carolina, Senior Scientific Advisor for “Young Men 4 Gender Equality” and Co-Chair with the Secular Coalition for South Carolina.


What is feminism?

A feminist is simply someone who believes in social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Feminism strives to allow people to live freely regardless of gender. Some may feel like feminism is obsolete, but unfortunately we still need feminism as widespread gender inequality exists even today. Men who are aware of these systemic inequalities may wonder how they can promote feminist goals. I do believe that men can be great assets to the feminist movement because they offer a unique perspective. From my experiences,… Continue reading

Race: Why We All Need To Talk About It


notracismRace…one of the most potent four-letter words in modern lexicon usage. It is a term which creeps into and informs our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, culture and viewpoints. Although contrived, its reach is tangibly inescapable and affects us all, whether we embrace it, scoff at it or choose a self-deceptive path of colorblind glasses. Now, I have already gone over U.S. racial disparities (see here) as well as white privilege and placeism (see here), so I won’t draw much focus to those subjects though you can review the linked articles if you so desire.

Before continuing, allow me to get two things out of the way first. Yes, recent events in Ferguson – the protests and re-attention to race relations – serves… Continue reading

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