Can I Get A Social Justice Ally?


social_justiceWhat issues concern you beyond mere thoughts and evoke a sense of “Something must be done“? What provokes you to raise a banner to protest injustice and lobby for change while insisting others join the movement?

For me, there’s a hierarchy of social issues that disturb and stir me to speak out or otherwise act in a way to diminish inequality however infinitesimal my reach may be. I would wager that almost all have an hierarchy, but I’m curious – how often do you gut-check yourself and contemplate the things you support or oppose? Take a look at the world, riddled with so many diverse disparities, and attune your social justice meter to it. In such reflections, you may find the need to… Continue reading

Unified Thought: “Philosophy and Beyond”, Interview with Massimo Pigliucci


massimo-smallHumankind’s leaps in progress owed to science cannot be overstated. Despite impediments in early development mainly due to theological objections (that later turned to sideline protests, the efficacy of which has waned with time), the sciences have continued on an arduous path, a methodological locomotive whose momentum grows only more robust as the discipline continues to revise and perfect what we refer to as reliable, provable knowledge. What some seem to forget or downplay is that, from day one, the methods of explanation, means of skeptical analysis, underpinnings of theoretical ideation, intangible considerations (e.g., ethics), logical parameters and the way in which positions are effectively argued is indebted to philosophy. The two are irrevocably intertwined, which is a good thing, as it’d be a frightful… Continue reading

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