Carlton Syndrome: Putting the “Black on Black” Crime Myth to Bed, and Other Racial Discourse



 “All this outrage about so-called police brutality – where’s the outrage when we kill ourselves like savages?!”

“The police are just doing their job. If we would just act right and not give off ‘thug’ signals by how we dress and act, things would be different…”

“If you don’t act in a criminal manner, you don’t have anything to worry about! We are our own worst enemy. Appeals to some conspiracy about ‘The Man’ and ‘the system is out to get us’ is nonsense. Wake up!”

“The only time I’ve ever been hassled by the cops was when I was doing something wrong. In my experience, when Blacks have run-ins with the law, it’s usually because they did something wrong!”

“I’m not saying what… Continue reading

One Sample of a Larger Reality



Read over these words. Examine them again. Ruminate on the sentiment, loathing, vitriol and bigotry of her words. If you could, close your eyes while doing this. Look at the words again, shut your eyes and imagine her giving voice to her contempt. Repeat the words. Repeat them again. Now…multiply her vilification by one hundred. Repeat her words.  Then another one hundred. Keep going. Imagine her face popping up everywhere in your head and – with the powers of imagination – allow her face to morph and shape into different forms so now you see both men and women, some young, more middle aged, some older. White men with white beards, white housewives, white truckers, white professionals, secretaries, lawyers, politicians, judges, school teachers –… Continue reading

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