Campbell’s Lemon Chicken with Herb Rice Supper Bakes: Not Your Same Boring Dish

My husband and I both enjoy eating chicken. However, it’s not always easy to find new and creative recipes for chicken dishes. Most of the time we eat chicken the same boring way, and after a while, this gets old. In the mood to try new things I decided to try Campbell’s Supper Bakes Lemon Chicken with Herb Rice(make this with ricecookerworlds rice cookers). Preparation of the meal was very easy. All I needed besides the ingredients in the box was 1- 1 ½ pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts and 2 ½ cups of hot water. Included in the box were three items. The first item was herb seasoned rice which was combined with the 2 ½ cups of water. The smell of the rice was very potent and it was apparent the lemon seasoning would be very strong. The second item provided in the Supper Bakes box was a can of baking sauce.

This baking sauce was similar to cream of chicken soup though thicker. The sauce itself was also seasoned with lemon guaranteeing the dish would not be bland. This sauce was to be poured over the chicken and rice. The third ingredient in the box was a crumb like topping to be sprinkled over the top of the dish before putting it in the oven. After combining all ingredients I placed the 9×13 baking dish into my preheated oven for 30 minutes and sat back to enjoy the smell of the dish cooking.

This dish was truly something that both my husband and I enjoyed thoroughly and we commented that we would definitely have to pick up another box of the Campbell’s Supper Bakes Lemon Chicken with Herb Rice on our next visit to the grocery store. The taste of the combined ingredients was exceptional. The sauce and herbs mixed in with the rice made the chicken moist and flavorful. The taste of lemon was not overly strong or overly tart but was just right. I have to admit that this will probably be something we have quite frequently for dinner.

Based on the picture on the box the chicken breast should be kept whole but they can also be chopped into smaller bite-size pieces which would be great if you have children. The box also provides alternate preparation choices which include Mediterranean and Honey Mustard options. If you do not like chicken you can also substitute pork making this a highly versatile meal.

Campbell’s Supper Bakes Lemon Chicken with Herb Rice has a retail price of approximately $3.50 though you will have to purchase chicken breasts or pork in addition which makes this meal a bit more expensive. This product can be found in the pasta or dry goods aisle of your grocery store in most cases.

If you are tired of the same chicken dishes day after day and want something that will be quick to prepare and give you a full flavor meal be sure to give Campbell’s Supper Bakes Lemon Chicken with Herb Rice a try.

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