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Giada for Target GPM-300 Panini Maker

When did the Panini become so popular? It seems every restaurant you go to, and every frozen food section in the grocery store sells a sandwich otherwise known as a Panini. I really love these sandwiches, and the recipes and combinations are endless. The word Panini actually is Italian, meaning “Small Bread Roll”. A Panini sandwich is made when you cook ingredients such as meats and cheeses between two slices of bread, and they are cooked with a press, which leaves grill marks on the front and back slices of bread. Of course, making an authentic looking Panini is so much easier if you have a Panini Maker. When my daughter requested a Panini maker for her birthday, we looked around a fair amount before buying one at our local Target store. The Giada De Laurentiis GPM-300 Panini Maker was on sale for only $49.99, marked down ten dollars from the original price.

Target had other Panini Makers from which to choose, but the Giada seemed the most durable, heavy duty, and well made machine so it got our vote. This machine reminds me of one my mother used during my childhood years. Ours was square and had waffle iron plates on one side, and flat plates on the other, which we used to make grilled cheese sandwiches. The Giada De Laurentiis GPM-300 Panini Maker is similar, but the plates do not flip, the top and the bottom both have vertical lines which create those tell tale “grill” markings.

The Giada De Laurentiis GPM-300 Panini Maker has several parts. The cover is made of a handsome brushed stainless steel with an embossed logo on the front. The on/off switch features low, high and off. You can easily change temperatures by sliding the switch one way or the other. The base is very heavy duty and sturdy, and this machine remains in place!

There is a Panini-Style Handle that actually adjusts to accommodate the different thicknesses of your Panini sandwiches. The grill plates are have a nice non-stick surface, and seem to heat evenly so the sandwiches cook evenly as well. The machine has two indicator lights, a red light and a green light (which signals that your power is on and you are ready to start making your Panini’s).

Last, the Giada De Laurentiis GPM-300 Panini Maker comes with a black plastic scraping tool. It has wide teeth, and resembles a large fork. The teeth fit perfectly into the dips on the grill plates, allowing you to remove any food or residue from the machine.

To use this Giada De Laurentiis GPM-300 Panini Maker, you plug it in and turn it on, choosing the temperature you desire to cook on. Note that the high temperature is the norm for cooking, and the low is the norm for reheating Panini’s. Place your sandwich into the machine, press down on the lid, and apply as much pressure as you think necessary to cook the sandwich. After cooking, let it cool for a half an hour before attempting to clean the machine, as it will be very hot.

The Giada De Laurentiis GPM-300 Panini Maker seems a little over glorified to me. I feel that the taste of the finished product isn’t much different from a sandwich toasted in a frying pan. The Panini Maker cooks the sandwich much faster, since it is grilling and cooking from both the top and the bottom, whereas cooking in a fry pan means flipping the sandwich over so you can brown both sides. The grill lines that the Giada De Laurentiis GPM-300 Panini Maker add a nice touch, making this a good tool to use when preparing sandwiches for guests. The panini maker is available at

This does take up quite a large footprint, and is not a small appliance that I would want in my kitchen, but my daughter seems to love it, and since this was a birthday gift, that was the main objective.

The machine comes with a one year limited warranty.

Eureka 313A2 Review: Is This Enviromentally Friendly Steam Cleaner Right for You?

If you’ve been looking for a “green” way of cleaning your hard surfaced floors, than I highly recommend you check out the easy to use compact unit from Eureka. You can find it at fabricsteamerreviews.

What is The Eureka 313A2?

The Eureka 313A2 is an Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer. This means that you can use it on marble, granite, and even wood. Best of all, this unit doesn’t use any chemicals at all. It simply heats up water hot enough to make steam, which does all the dirty work for you.

If you’re like me, and sick of using a chemical soaked mop and bucket to clean with…then you’ll love this compact floor cleaner. It offers the best “green” solution I’ve found for keeping a hard surface floor nice and clean.

What I Like About The Eureka 313A2

• Swivel head let’s me scoot around my 1 bedroom apartment, dodging furniture like a maniac.
• Steam cleans with water, so no harsh chemicals! This is not only cost friendly over time, but it’s also better for the environment.
• The heat from the steam sterilizes the floor keeping germs away…awesome if you have allergies like me.
• Long 25 foot power cord…I don’t have to plug and unplug a dozen times when cleaning the floor because this thing even reaches into my neighbor’s apartment!
• Uses replaceable cleaning pads, so no more rinsing out a filthy mop bucket or cleaning with a dirty mop head.
• I was able to take the handle off and use it to steam clean my countertops.

What I Don’t Like About The Eureka 313A2

The Eureka does a great job of cleaning my floor with little fuss, but I do have to go over the area with a dry mop to soak up the excess water. But let’s face it, any steam cleaner is going to leave some moisture on your floor, so this isn’t a problem that’s exclusive to the 313A2. I solved this issue by first steam cleaning the laminate, and then dry mopping over it to catch the excess water.

Is The Eureka 313A2 Worth Buying?

For me personally, this was a great investment. I love the fact that I no longer stink up the house with nasty chemicals, and I’m also saving money by just using water instead. Like I said before, this steam cleaner will leave a fair amount of water on your floor, but I don’t think they’re a steam cleaner that won’t unless you spend thousands on a professional model.

If you want to kick your mop and bucket to the curb, and say goodbye to super-smelly sticky floors, than the Eureka 313A2 is just your ticket.

4 Low Maintenance Holiday Styles to Create in Minutes

There are numerous fuss free hairstyles you can tackle when styling your hair for a holiday party or any other occasion. Whether you are celebrating with your family or attending an office party, fuss free hair can cut your party preparation time in half while still affording you a swanky holiday look. Most of these make use of hair dryers which you can find for cheap at zsichimera.

Fuss Free Holiday Hair Style – High Ponytails

Long hair looks particularly lovely and purposeful in a high yet sleek ponytail. The benefit is that this style looks deliciously deliberate while being a relatively low maintenance look to pull off. All you have to do is slick back the front of your hair with a dollop of gel to meet a high ponytail placed at the crown of your head. Secure the ponytail with a holiday-color wrap or use a dedicated ribbon. For added pizzazz use a few hot rollers or a wide barrel curling iron to add bounce to the actual tail. Either way the look takes mere minutes to create while looking one hundred percent glam.

Fuss Free Holiday Hair Style – Braided Ribbons

Whether you have short, medium-length, or long hair, braids can be used to add pop to your holiday style while remaining low maintenance. To add a cute flair to a classic braid, intertwine colored ribbon with your hair sections and braid it through. Conceal the end of the ribbon in your securing elastic to complete the look.

Fuss Free Holiday Hair Style – Sexy Waves

Sexy waves are one of the easiest looks to create. All you need to do is shampoo and condition your hair. Towel your hair lightly to remove excess moisture and then flip your hair upside down and hit it with the hair dryer at the roots for approximately 30 seconds. Stand upright and continue to dry your hair as normal. When it is almost dry, repeat the 30-second flip. To create your sexy waves use wide hot rollers or a wide-barrel curling iron. Wrap large sections around the barrel and hold loosely. The sexiest waves are a little bit messy, not purposeful. The lengthiest part of creating this style is going to be drying your hair.

Fuss Free Holiday Hair Style – Thick and Straight

To create a sleek and straight holiday style, plan ahead. Deep condition your hair two days before your party if you have normal hair. Don’t shampoo again before the party. Instead use a spray bottle of dry shampoo to combat oil. The day of your party, normal hair will be sleek and straight while thick, wavy hair will need to be flat ironed to complete the effect. This always works with my hair as it fluffs out and waves immediately post-shower but settles into straightness about 24 hours post-wash.

Low maintenance hair is easily accomplished any time of year but is really needed at times during a bustling holiday season of parties, plays and family activities.

Get a Competitive Edge with This Gaming Keyboard

Taking your video gaming to the next level requires well functioning tools. Having the right accessories will almost guarantee a more enjoyable gaming experience. In order to achieve the best video gaming experience, you will have to search far and near for the best items.

The Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard will easily help you achieve this gaming level. This product will deliver everything it promises and more. Hardcore video gamers will be able to reach the ultimate gaming level with ease. The Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard has a sleek design and flow. There are six useful features such as a 32KB on board memory, easy to program keys, USB ports, microphone jack, and a gold plated USB connector. Using these valuable features will turn an average video gamer into a high scoring one. Users will not be able to call this gaming keyboard a boring device. It is loaded with features to help increase a video gamer’s competitive edge. In a few short minutes, you will be able to experiment with all of these exciting features and then customise them.

There are other shortcut keys for listening and viewing your favourite media files. With just one simple touch, you will be able to quickly launch your computer’s media application. The keys will respond quickly with every gentle touch. You will not have to repeated punch keys to get your applications or other files to launch. Although there are many similar gaming keyboards on the consumer market, they can not measure up to the Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard. You will not be disappointed with the enhancements it will bring to your video gaming world.

Instead of settling for boring accessories that do nothing to improve your video gaming level, consider purchasing the Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard first. It has an amazingly affordable price and it performs well. After a few hours of video gaming you will notice the difference. Attempting to enjoy your video games with a traditional keyboard will produce a below average experience. You will be able to concentrate on your game play instead of making your keyboard user friendly.

The Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard is an impressive piece of equipment. Hardcore video gamers would be happy to receive this item as a gift. Getting the best score in your favourite video game will be a cinch. Before you know it, your friends will start to envy you because of your high scores. Having the best available video gaming tools will definitely give you a more pleasurable gaming experience. Take the time to add this handy device to your growing gadget collection.

My Story Through Bosnia

Mostar took the very first place. It prospered during this time. Mostar after dark has its charm. Sarajevo might have fallen off the map in the last couple of years, but nonetheless, it once played an important role in European history. It is the perfect size city for travelers. If you’re planning to go to Sarajevo or another city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this airport locator is going to be a very helpful tool.

The least expensive approach to go to Bosnia is certainly the coach. It is possible to go to Bosnia year-round and relish the best each season offers. Though Bosnia is full of natural resources, there is absolutely no consensus about ways to use them. Generally, Bosnia and Herzegovina is quite affordable land for traveling to see some things you should take with you look at this website.

Be aware that it’s advised to adhere to the key routes, since the probability of mines is still present. It is suggested to abide by paved roads. Small towns do not face nearly every severe crimes, but this isn’t the case with Sarajevo. You’ll get to understand a little town that presents an intriguing synergy between East and West. The countryside receives lots of rain.

It’s possible for you to reach many destinations within the nation and also outside by bus. It always feels that the trip should have taken at least 10 days. An entire day visit to Lukomir belongs among the very best hikes in Bosnia. Surely, your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina won’t be in vain. It is likewise among the most stunning train trips, with amazing views. Go to Bosnia and Herzegovina can help you recognize much more about the nation, its people and culture. You may change your booking.

Tourism and ecotourism is rising. There’s absolutely no direct public transportation so the only alternative is to have a taxi. It is best to start looking for taxi stands to make certain you are employing an official taxi driver. Renting a vehicle in Tuzla enable you to make to most from your time within this interesting Bosnia and Herzegovina location.

Another of the wonderful things about Bosnia is you could experience such a wide variety of climates in such a little region. The place is genuinely magical. You can remain in these places if you go to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a gorgeous, offbeat place to explore and I strongly suggest it. Rural areas of the nation aren’t safe. Additionally, it is an excellent means to go through the region, and to later bear in mind that special portion of the neighborhood culture.

Should you be driving the nation, or hiking, be extremely cautious. Apart from all this, it’s likewise a well-known country that has many beautiful ladies. A great deal of the country was saved from pollution and it’s important to be cautious of somebody’s influences. Countries that don’t often make the enormous travel listsA are frequently the most rewarding. Citizens of Kazakhstan who intend to go to Croatia need to have a visa. Given the simple fact that its citizens are multiconfessional, you’ll find mosques, in addition to Catholic and Orthodox churches.

A lot of the nation’s production has not yet been restored. The procedure for booking a vehicle in Tuzla is secured and is made as straightforward as possible. A very good experience and in case you can just visit one particular mosque in Mostar make it this one particular. Today, there are a number of heights of political structure resulting from the war’s influence on the nation’s ethnic groups.

You may see it from a lengthy distance plus it’s marked in the map. You might also check the map to observe the usage of unique plugs and sockets on earth. Google Maps, an internet mapping resource, is extremely rudimentary present in Bosnia. Tour guides will be inclined to adhere to their one-sided model of history and are going to want to follow the principal websites, but if you’re prepared for that then it’s well worth doing.